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New Antenna Product:


AugTec is utilizing a Terminated Broad Band Antenna (TBBA) system developed for use with the Centers for Disease Control HF radio program.  This antenna will cover 2 - 30 MHz without the need for an antenna tuner and features a high efficiency design.   For information, please contact AugTec, LLC.  Typical antenna performance curves are shown below.


TBBA Performance Chart
TBBA Configuration


Contact via e-mail for antenna system manual.



Rotatable Log Periodic antenna system available for testing and contract serivces.



Evaluation work on a new broad-band, terminated HF antenna (LP1910AA) that is sold by United States Antenna Products, LLC United States Antenna Products has been completed for Alpha Tech. Both 200W and 1,000W versions of the antenna that is intended for tactical deployment were tested.

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