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AugTec is incorporated as a LLC in the state of Florida for the purpose of providing consultation services and operational support in multiple areas of radio communications. The primary concentration is in high frequency (HF) radio, and associated areas.

This is a small company, and any prospective venture will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The reason for taking the step of incorporating is so that we may have the opportunity of providing commercial consultation services to persons or companies that may require our expertise.


An example of our early work is the evaluation of antenna systems offered by the United States Antenna Products. This product is described on the ACTIVITIES page of this web site.


AugTec provides consultation services to the Centers for Disease Control as a HF operational net control station for the National Public Health Radio Network (NPHRN) high frequency radio system.  We also provide system engineering and technical assistance to NPHRN members for new equipment installations.


AugTec operates a Maritime Costal Radio system licensed by the FCC as WHL.  This system interfaces ship board HF radio systems directly into the internet, and provides a low cost alternative to satellite communication channels for text type of messaging.  Four channels are available via WHL26, WHL28, WHL23 and WHL27 in the 6, 8, 13 and 17 Mhz portions of the HF spectrum.


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